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Contoy Islands
Contoy Islands
The Pier
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Contoy Islands
Contoy Islands
The Look out
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Contoy Islands
Contoy Islands
The Beach
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Contoy Islands
Contoy Islands
The Island Life
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Contoy Islands
Contoy Islands
The Island Life
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Contoy Islands
Contoy Islands
The Island Life
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Contoy Islands
Contoy Islands
The Catamaran
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The Beach
The Beach
Contoy Island

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Contoy Island Tour from Cancun and Playa del Carmen:
Enjoy a Trip day to Contoy Island and discover the beauty and nature of the island after all relax at the amazing beach

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Isla Contoy

Contoy Island is a natural area, protected by the Mexican goverment since 1961, and declared a National Park in February 1998.Besides its unparalleled beauty, secluded sandy white beaches and lush palm trees, the islands boats more than hundred and fifty migrating and resident bird species.The most numerous and easy to observe are the frigate, the brown pelican and the double crested cormorant.

Isla Contoy Tour

This is a UNIQUE Tour, you will be amazed with the great nature of the Island! We star picking you up, at your hotel, in an Van, we go to the dock where we star with your check in tour and you´ll enjoy a light breakfast, On the boat we go to Contoy Island, where you will be surrounded for the amazing nature, as we get there will do a tour through the mangroves to admire the birds, specially the brown Pelican, Frigates and Cormoranes, then we stop at the museum where our tour guided will share with you the history of the Island then we´ll take a look from the light house to see the panoramic view of the Island and we´ll walk to the look out to see the caribean side, now time to relax at the amazing beach and have lunch, you´ll love it ! time to move on to the next stop, Isla Mujeres, shopping time and we go back to Cancun.


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